John Moss


John Moss writes mysteries because nothing brings life into focus like the murder of strangers. Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2006 in recognition of his career as a professor of Canadian literature with over a score of books in his field, John moved progressively away from literary criticism to creative writing, before settling comfortably into the Quin and Morgan series which now occupies his writing efforts full time. He and his wife, Beverley Haun, whose book, Inventing ‘Easter Island’, grew out of her work as a cultural theorist and their travel adventures as scuba divers, share a stone farmhouse with numerous ghosts in Peterborough, Ontario. Recently sidelined from his diving avocation (he was an instructor in both PADI and SDI programs), John and Bev have no intention of giving up whitewater canoeing and cross-country skiing with old friends, or taking long hikes in interesting places around the world.

John is professor emeritus at the University of Ottawa and Beverley most recently taught in the Queen’s-Trent Concurrent Education Program. Their daughter, Beatrice Winny, MA, is a Registered Graphic Designer in Cambridge, Ontario, while their daughter, Laura Moss, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Literature at the University of British Columbia, and their other daughter, Julia Zarb, PhD, is CEO of Zarb Consulting in Toronto. They have seven grandchildren, Clare, Maddie, and Olivia Zarb, Simon, Owen, and Charlie Cutler, and Joel Bourgoin Winny.

As a boy, John declared he wanted to live a life of adventure. So far, so good. He has participated in many endurance sports, including the original Ironman. He swam the Hellespont, and ran the Boston Marathon eleven times. He has dived in wondrous places, ranging from the Red Sea and the Great Barrier Reef to Tahiti, Easter Island, and numerous sites in the Caribbean. He has trekked through the Barren Lands on his own for twenty-eight days, and with his brother, Steve, and then with Bev, across major portions of Baffin Island. At different times he has raised horses, bred dogs, kept swans, and cultivated bees. He remains astonished at being alive, a sentient self-conscious part of the universe. Writing mysteries is the best way he has found, yet, of exploring the breadth of a full life and its inevitably ominous end.

Years Participated: 2013, 2015

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