July 13 – 15, 2018 Program

The Lakefield Literary Festival celebrates the rich literary heritage of its locale and showcases many current Canadian authors with events scheduled throughout a weekend in mid-July close to Margaret Laurence’s birthday. Events provide an opportunity to hear authors discuss their books and related topics, followed by an opportunity to meet the authors while they sign any of their books you have purchased. The Festival also includes workshops, a historical walk, a children’s author and illustrator event, as well as a writing contest for high school students in the Peterborough area. Festival venues in the town of Lakefield and nearby Lakefield College School are located 20 minutes north of Peterborough, less than 2 hours east of Toronto.

Bryan Jones Theatre


Friday at 7:30pm – Bryan Jones Theatre, Lakefield College School – $22 – Readings with authors Beverley Jacobs and Lynn Gehl

Host: Edna Manitowabi


Saturday at 10:00am – Lakefield College School – $30 – Classroom 8 – Craft Talk by Barbara Mitchell

Saturday at 10:00am – Cenotaph Park – Children’s Event with authors Patricia Storms and Aviaq Johnston ~~~ FREE

Saturday at 10:00am – Christ Church Community Museum – Historical Walk with Mark Finnan ~~~ FREE

Saturday at 12:30pm – Cenotaph Park – Local Authors Event with authors Michelle Berry, John Moss and Kate Story ~~~ FREE

Introduction: Stephanie Ford Forrester

Saturday at 1:00pm – Lakefield College School – $30 – Classroom 8 – Craft Talk by Michael Redhill

Saturday at 3:00pm – Bryan Jones Theatre, LCS – $22 – Readings with Barbara Mitchell and Adam Shoalts

Host: John Wadland

Saturday 5:30 – 7:00 – Centre Courtyard, Lakefield College School – $35 – Meet the Authors Reception

Saturday at 7:30pm – Bryan Jones Theatre, LCS – $22 – Readings with Mary Walsh and Michael Redhill

Host: Johanna Schneller


Sunday at 10:00am – Lakefield College School – $30 – Classroom 8 – Craft Talk by Kyo Maclear

Sunday at 11:00am – Lakefield United Church – Guest Speaker Craig Davidson

Sunday at 2:00pm – Bryan Jones Theatre, LCS – $22 – Readings with Kyo Maclear and Craig Davidson

Host: Ian Brown

Wishing you an enjoyable visit.


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