Johanna Schneller is one of the top arts journalists in Canada. Best known for her long-running weekly column in the Globe and Mail, Johanna is also an accomplished TV host and has earned an international reputation for her contributions to leading American magazines, including Vanity Fair, In Style, Premiere, Rolling Stone and GQ. Whenever a magazine editor needs a beautifully written profile of an arts luminary, Johanna’s name is on the short list of writers to call. The competition is such that the Globe has been forced to share her byline with the Toronto Star, for which Johanna also writes a regular column.

    Johanna’s assignments over the years have found her drinking with Brad Pitt, helping out in the kitchen with Emma Thompson, getting a pedicure with Catherine Zeta-Jones, enjoying a private tour of the Getty Museum with Meg Ryan, and flying with Salma Hayek on her private jet. Johanna boasts that she once flew to France to move a bed with Kristen Scott-Thomas, made Jeff Bridges cry, and was blackballed by Julia Roberts.

   Johanna is currently co-writing a book chronicling the struggles of a pioneering transgender athlete. She is also co-author of The Girls in the Balcony, a film script based

on the fight for equal pay among women journalists at the New York Times in the 1970s. She is the former host of TVO’s Saturday Night at the Movies and the current host of CBC-TVs The Filmmakers, a showcase of Canadian cinema returning for its second season in the summer of 2018.