Accommodation Coordinator
The Accommodation Coordinator asks The Village Inn to set aside a block of rooms to accommodate LLF authors, hosts, and their guests on the Festival weekend the following summer, as well as a block of rooms for visitors to the LLF.  The Accommodation Coordinator communicates with the Program Manager re management of room allocation, and ensures that the LLF Treasurer receives the final bill from The Village Inn to cover the cost of the rooms.

Accounts Payable

Audio-Visual Coordinator
The A-V Coordinator recruits the A-V Technician, and communicates with that person as needed. The
 A-V Technician ensures that LLF events over the Festival weekend have a sound system that accommodates the needs of each emcee, author, host, and audience member, and lighting that enhances the visual experience for audiences.  

Author Attendant Coordinator
To organize volunteers who will assist authors on their arrival to Lakefield and to help make their stay pleasant and stress free. These volunteers are Author Attendants or AA’s

Author Attendant
To welcome, orientate, and help make author’s stay pleasant and stress free

Bar Coordinator

Bar Ticket Sales

Bartender (Smart Serve)

Children’s Tent Event Coordinator
Working cooperatively, Selwyn Public Library staff will work under the umbrella of the Lakefield Literary Festival to present a Children’s Tent Event on the Saturday morning of the regularly scheduled Lakefield Literary Festival weekend

Communications Manager
The Communications Manager ensures that relevant information about the Lakefield Literary Festival is made available to the general public in a timely fashion, through Virtual Communications, the LLF Website, and Paper Media Packages.

Craft Talks Coordinator
The Craft Talks Coordinator assumes responsibility for all aspects of establishing a number of Craft Talks by visiting authors over the course of the Festival weekend.

Email Blast Coordinator
The Email Blast Coordinator prepares and sends emails to people on two comprehensive Lakefield Literary Festival Lists (volunteer, general public), using text received from a member of the LLF Board.  This enables the Board to inform interested people of General Volunteer Meetings, the AGM, and other related updates the Board would like people to have.

Facilities Manager
The Facilities Manager ensures that all Lakefield College School facilities required for use on the Festival weekend by the Lakefield Literary Festival are booked as early as possible following the preceding Festival.  The Facilities Manager assumes responsibility for seeing that details and special requests around bookings are met, either by doing so directly, or by relaying the information to the appropriate volunteer.

Finance Manager

LLF Ambassador to Lakefield Jazz, Art & Craft Festival
The LLF Ambassador to the Lakefield Jazz, Art, and Craft Festival ensures that the Lakefield Literary Festival has a presence and is promoted at the “Jazz Fest”, which usually occurs one week before the LLF.

Literary Historical Walking Tour Coordinator
The Literary Historical Walking Tour Coordinator plans and oversees the details necessary to ensure that the tour is a success.  The tour begins and ends at Christ Church Community Museum on the Saturday morning of the Festival weekend, and is free to the general public, but limited to 30 participants.   

The Margaret Moment Coordinator
The Margaret Moment Coordinator is responsible for recruiting an individual to deliver The Margaret Moment at the Festival in a given year.  The presenter is usually a person who has known Margaret in some significant capacity (family, friend, neighbour, student, Trent professor, etc), and who has a story or two to share about their experience.  Occasionally the presenter is someone who has never actually met Margaret in person, but has communicated with her, and has a good story to tell.  Be sure that the presenter understands that the story must be respectful of Margaret’s shyness of the limelight, and that the sharing of the story would in no way have embarrassed her. 

Membership Manager
The Membership Manager is responsible for ensuring that the Lakefield Literary Festival maintains its membership in accordance with the guidelines and procedures set out in the current LLF Membership Policy.

Merchandise Coordinator

Merchandise Sales (on-site)

Moving and Set Up Coordinator
Supervises and assists with the moving of tables and chairs from Cenotaph Park and Centennial Room to Lakefield College School and back again after event with personal truck, dolly and 1 assistant or more if possible

Online Ticket Sales Coordinator

Parking and Signs Coordinator
Ensures the safety and organization of traffic and parking over the Festival weekend

Print Media Distribution Coordinator
Distribute brochures locally as well as hanging posters to help create awareness of the festival

Program Manager
The Program Manager will ensure that the Lakefield Literary Festival has a complete and excellent program in place for the Spring Event (if planned) and the Summer Festival Weekend, ideally by the end of March of that year.

Reception Coordinator
To organize and coordinate the Saturday afternoon festival reception

Social Media Manager
The Social Media Manager ensures that The Lakefield Literary Festival maintains a current, active, dynamic, and responsive presence on the appropriate social media platforms.

Sponsorship Manager
The Sponsorship Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with Lakefield and immediate area businesses, merchants and individuals who may be interested in providing sponsorship funding to the Lakefield Literary Festival.

Theatre – Back of House

Theatre – Front of House

Ticket Sales (on-site)

 Ticket Taker, Usher, Greeter
To welcome and direct customers into theatre
To ensure ticketed entry into event, and usher customer into theatre when required

United Church Lakefield Sunday Coordinator
The United Church Lakefield Sunday Coordinator is responsible for finding a speaker for the Sunday morning service.  The Coordinator also ensures that there is enough food for a light luncheon following the service, and that the UCL kitchen team is willing to manage the luncheon itself.

Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer Coordinator fills positions for the festival weekend, as well as monitoring and creating awareness to fill available jobs that occur throughout the year

Volunteer Manager
The Volunteer Manager works closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure that the Lakefield Literary Festival volunteer community feels supported and appreciated for the invaluable work it does as the very heart of the organization.

Window Display Coordinator
The Window Display Coordinator ensures that appealing displays of timely LLF material are designed and installed in local shop windows and libraries to create awareness and excitement about the upcoming Festival weekend.  Ideally the Coordinator will recruit a small team of enthusiastic people to see the project through, and the displays will be set up well in advance of the Festival.