Craft Talks

Craft talks will be given by:

Steven Price

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A Problem of Character

How do we create characters, how do we make them compelling and complex? And how do we present that complexity to a reader, so that it feels natural, and convincing, and true? How does character influence prose style, setting, story itself? This is a craft-talk exploring some of the challenges involved in populating our stories, and considering some of the techniques writers have used when creating effective characters.


Lindy Mechefske


A Taste of Food Writing

From our first memories to our last suppers, food stories are the real stories of our lives.

Food is, after all, at the most basic level, about life and our very survival as a species. Food tells the story of the past and present. From the origin of mankind, to the cave dwellers, to the Roman Empire; from the First Nations people who roamed this continent 20,000 years ago, to the European colonialists; from the Garden of Eden to Goldilocks, to contemporary locavores at trendy urban restaurants; —food is at the heart of everything that matters.

Come explore how to craft food writing for blogs, books, and magazines—and how to make food writing, one of the fastest growing genres, a literary staple.


Kari Clare

Kerry Clare_CREDIT_Tracey Nolan

The Art of Blogging

There was once a period in which blogging was meant to be the answer to everything, but then the blogging bubble burst and we all learned that blogs are meant to be instead small, focused and meaningful. Which is perhaps all the more reason to make a blog a part of your writing life. In The Art of Blogging, you’ll learn about the history and tradition of blogging, about how blogging is not about tradition at all and instead about forging your own path, about the necessity of imperfectionism, and how a blog can fit comfortably into your daily routine, enhancing your writing life.

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