Craft Talks 2018

Saturday 10:00 am: Barbara Mitchell

Mapping Your Past: Writing Family History

Why write a family history? What resources and techniques are needed to obtain information, and from that, map the stories of your past? Drawing on examples from her books, particularly Mapmaker: Philip Turnor in Rupert’s Land in the Age of Enlightenment, Barbara Mitchell will lead an informal conversation about her process, sharing advice on how to turn research into memoir or biography.

Saturday 1:00 pm: Michael Redhill

A Novel Lecture

In this wide-ranging discussion, Michael Redhill presents his take on the novel as an art form. He’ll go back to the birth of the novel, talk about how it’s changed over four hundred years, and present examples of great plots and great writing. He’ll draw on his own reading, as well as his own experiences as a novelist. Concepts discussed will include point of view, voice and style, genre, national literatures, and experimentation.

Sunday 10:00 am: Kyo Maclear

Picturing Books with Kyo Maclear

The modern picture book has become one of the most versatile and popular of literary formats (not just for kids) and many of its elements can be applied to other/longer forms of writing. This is a chance to peek into the world of visual storytelling, exploring the intricate relationship between text and illustration, with celebrated picture book writer Kyo Maclear. With a look at traditional and innovative works and a peek into Kyo’s own books and working methods, participants will have a chance to discuss and consider the dynamic interplay of verbal and visual narrative and explore specific techniques through a fun writing exercise. Everyone welcome.