Edited by Ann Hume and Lucille Strath, and compiled and designed by Peter Hume

“In this ebook, there are many great pieces of fiction and non-fiction, pieces by students who, I am sure, felt the self-doubt, exhilaration and anxiety that are part of every writer’s life. But they have also experienced the giddy pleasure of knowing that strangers recognized their talent. Have any gone on to become full-time writers, like Jane, Roy, Ken, Liz, and me? I don’t know, but I can bet that thanks to their Lakefield Literary Festival Award, many considered it. A handful might even now be nipping at our heels. Prizes matter. That’s why I love them.”

Charlotte Gray – Foreword to Young Writers at the Lakefield Literary Festival

When this ebook was first published in 2009, its debut marked the tenth anniversary of the Young Writers at the Lakefield Literary Festival writing contest. The ebook contained all past winning stories.  Each year since that time, we have issued a new edition, adding the stories and poems of the current winners and runners-up.  In 2012, in addition to fiction and non-fiction, we added a third genre, poetry. Junior and Senior level High School students enrolled in area schools participate. Occasionally, we have had winning entries from home-schooled students. With justifiable pride, the Festival acknowledges these talented, award-winning young writers and poets.

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